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Welcome to my website Dragonfly-Days my name is Bill Jones and I've been a Dragonfly enthusiast for as long as I can remember! I want to let you all know that the website has been completely revised and updated as of early 2014. Lots of new information has been collected since I originally created this website in 2008 and loads of new images have also been added, in larger format, additionally, I've included some really great new locations for you to visit and enjoy.

Dragonfly-Days is dedicated to the study and photography of Dragonflies and Damselflies in the South Wales area of the United Kingdom. The concept behind this website is simple, I want to share with you the very best places I know, so that you might be able to see some of the 33 species we have recorded in this interesting and habitat rich area.
Glamorgan and Monmouthshire (Gwent) make up the geographical area that this website covers. It has a varied range of habitat with coastal plain, river valleys, upland and moorland; most of them have excellent habitat for a wide range of our 56 recorded British species. Small lakes, ponds, pools and a network of rivers, that includes the wonderful Usk and Wye, should help make your Dragonfly-Days an absolute pleasure.
Brecon & Monmouthshire Canal
Kenfig National Nature Reserve
Kenfig National Nature Reserve
Brecon & Monmouthshire Canal

About this Website

This website is split into six sections, with each section intending to inform the visitor more fully of what you can expect to find in the area and how best to further your knowledge of dragonflies by study or even learn how to photograph these fascinating and beautiful insects.

I have also included a comprehensive set of links to some of the excellent websites devoted to our British dragonflies and also some for the very best South Wales area natural history groups, clubs and societies.

Right: Close up study of a female Southern Hawker
Odonata is the insect group that both Dragonflies Anisoptera and Damselflies Zygoptera belong to, and in the British Isles we currently have approximately 39 resident species and a further 13 migrants. Sadly 3 species have become extinct since the 1950's an indicator that it is now vitally important to conserve the habitat of these incredibly interesting and aesthetically beautiful insects. Most of the areas 33 species are to be found on these pages.
If your a newcomer to the wonderful world of natural history the choice of subject matter is vast, countless thousands enjoy birdwatching, others take an interest in mammals, butterflies, botany etc; sadly the insects are often relegated to study by either specialists or perhaps the enquiring all round naturalist.

The dragonflies and damselflies are a hugely rewarding group of insects that provides the student with a fascinating biology and ecology allied to the fact that your efforts can benefit their conservation at a time that has never been more important.

Check out the books page and my recommended choice of titles such as the excellent second edition of WildGuides - Britain's Dragonflies - which I trust will stimulate a wider interest in the subject.

The latest apps are also given some consideration now that so many mobile devices have become available to a wider and ever growing market. DVD's have not been forgotten either and they too can be found on the books page.
Britains Dragonflies
Pentax 9x32 DCF
Dragonflies are approachable once you have gained some fieldcraft experience, however the one indispensible item for observation and identification purposes are a good quality pair of binoculars.

Once you are happy with your fieldcraft skills it's reasonable to want to take some photographs either for identification purposes or just simply for the pleasure of photographing these beautiful living creatures.

Visit the photography section for lots more information and details on suitable cameras and lens equipment and an up-to-date list of recommended binoculars from all the leading manufacturers.

Dragonfly-Days makes no claim to being a definitive guide either to the dragonfly species or to the area of South Wales it covers. All information provided is given in good faith, hopefully increasing the knowledge of the visitor to both the dragonflies of South Wales and the importance of their habitat conservation.

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Female Southern Hawker